How Long Does it Take to Restore a Roof? When your roof is in bad shape, you know it. Leaks start to make their unwelcome presence known inside the building, and on the outside, the house can look tired and worn. Missing tiles and holes in metal roofing are structurally unsound and look terrible on the outside. But replacing an existing roof can be cost prohibitive. How can you increase your home’s value without breaking
Can You Repair Roof Shingles? Replacing a roof is a costly and time-consuming business. You may only see a few tiles missing, or a couple of cracked cedar shakes, but how do you know when it’s okay to repair a few roof shingles or replace the whole shebang? At City2Surf Roofing, we want our customers to be informed about roof repairs and replacements so they can make the best choice for their property and their
What Roofing Material is the Most Energy Efficient? Making the switch to eco-friendly and green living is imperative. Over-consumption and greenhouse gas emissions are contributing to climate change. Recent studies indicate that soon, up to 143 million people could be displaced as a direct result of climate change. So what can we do to lower our energy consumption? Consumers need to make more environmentally conscious choices when they shop. If you’re looking to have your