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    Trying to decide which type of roof is right for your home? You may be comparing the lifespan and cost of roofing options like asphalt shingles, tile, and Colorbond metallic steel roofing, to name just a few.

    Wondering how long Colorbond lasts, and whether or not it’s worth the investment? Get all the information you need from City2Surf Roofing now.

    What Is Colorbond Roofing?

    Colorbond roofing is a type of metal roof manufactured by BlueScope Steel, and it’s one of the most popular metal roofing materials in Australia and New Zealand. It’s made out of high-quality steel, which is treated with a unique, permanent powder coating.

    This coating is what protects the steel from corrosion and wear & tear, and also provides it with its colour. Colorbond materials are available in a wide variety of styles and colours depending on your budget and your taste.

    Colorbond has become so popular in Australia that its products are often synonymous with “metal roofing.” But while all Colorbond products are metal roofing materials, not all metal roofs are made from Colorbond! That’s an important distinction to make.

    How Long Does Colorbond Roofing Last?

    Colorbond has a 30-year warranty from BlueScope Steel for corrosion and weathering due to the natural elements. In addition, it has a warranty against paint flaking and chipping for up to 20 years after the date of installation. This means that you can expect your roof to last 30 years at a minimum, and you can have faulty sections replaced for no charge if there is an issue.

    But, in fact, Colorbond roofing can last a lot longer than 30 years. Metal roofs can usually last anywhere from 40-70 years. In contrast, asphalt shingle roofs usually last a maximum of 20 years before requiring major repairs or roof replacement. Colorbond roofing is a great long-term investment.

    The Benefits Of Choosing A Colorbond Roof

    Longevity isn’t the only reason to choose a Colorbond roof. There are a few other benefits, too. If you choose a professionally-installed Colorbond metal roof from City2Surf Roofing, you’ll get a few other benefits.

    • Very durable – Unlike a shingle, Colorbond roofing will never peel away or become damaged due to high winds or other weather conditions. It requires very little maintenance, and is extremely durable.
    • Wide variety of colours – You can choose from a wide variety of products in a number of different styles and colours, and find the product that’s right for your needs.
    • Energy efficient – Your Colorbond roof can help reduce your air conditioning bill during the hot Sydney summers. Metal roofing is highly reflective, so the sun’s rays are not absorbed into your home as readily. Along with proper roof insulation, a Colorbond roof can help reduce your monthly energy bills.

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