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    Metal roofing is actually nothing new – it has been a popular roofing material for quite a long time because it’s more durable, lasts longer, and a better decision from a financial standpoint, especially if you take good care of your roof.

    However, here’s the kick: though metal roofing is sometimes sold as a great insulator on its own, it really isn’t. Heat and cold can penetrate metal more easily than with other roofing materials, which is why homeowners need to look at options for insulation.

    What Does Insulation Do?

    Your roof has some air space you need to take care of. If your home is not insulated, you pretty much lose a lot of your home heat or cool through the roof, which can really be problematic. To compensate for it, your home cooling or warming systems have to work in overdrive to make sure the atmosphere in your home is just the way you want it, which translates into some rather high electrical bills.

    The process of insulation is putting a barrier of material within your roof space, either between the joists, or rafters. This slows down the transfer of the air between your home and the outside world, protecting you against the elements. When the vapour barriers do their job, you can:

    • Have lower electricity bills;
    • Less of a carbon footprint;
    • Increase your home’s value;
    • Prevent condensation because there is no more clash between different air temperatures.

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    What Do You Need?

    Regardless of the roofing material you have, you really need roofing or ceiling insulation. But, when it comes to metal roofing, you need to be careful as to what type you choose.

    A popular option for this case is spray foam insulation applied directly to the spots that are most problematic. Foam batting, when applied, actually expands in size and creates a nice thermal insulation to ensure by making sure the outside air does not come in.

    Other types of insulation that work great with metal roofing include:

    • Fiberglass insulation (some contractors may advise against it because they are afraid the condensation may break it, but if you place a protective plastic sheet over the fiberglass batts to protect it against vapour barriers, you have nothing to worry about);
    • Reflective foil insulation (perfect for warmer climates, and the reflective foils can be easily added to your home).

    Most commonly, you’ll use insulation blankets of the material of your preference and add them to the space you prefer (unless you opt for the spray foam.) If you’re worried it might get too hot, look for insulation materials that offer the most thermal resistance – they will likely make it through even hotter temperatures.

    After your home is properly insulated, you can almost immediately notice a difference in your home.

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