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    Separating Fact From Fiction- Will Metal Roofing Heat Up Your Home?

    Metal roofing materials like Colorbond are becoming more popular than ever in Sydney. But despite the rise in the use of metal roof products, there are a lot of misconceptions about them. For example, a lot of people think that using a metal roof will absorb heat and cause your home to heat up – leading to higher energy consumption. But is this true? Find out in this blog from City2Surf Roofing.

    Metal Roofing Won’t Heat Up Your Home Due To Solar Reflectance

    It may seem intuitive that homes with a metal roof will be hotter due to the conductive nature of the metal. If you’ve ever touched the hood or roof of a car on a Sydney summer day, for example, you probably know that metal can heat up a lot when exposed to sunlight for a long period of time.

    So you may think that metal roofing is the same. Given how exposed metal is to the hot Sydney sun, you may imagine that all of that energy goes right into the attic of your home – and eventually heats it up, leading to higher energy consumption.

    But in fact, metal roofing doesn’t heat up your home. Cool metal roofing products like Colorbond use steel and other metals that have been treated to have high “solar reflectance.” That means that the metal will actually reflect most of the sun’s rays – rather than absorbing them.

    In contrast, another type of roof surface like tiles provides less reflectivity. It will simply absorb solar energy. Slate Roofs are actually less energy-efficient than metal roofing in warm climates because of this. They absorb heat and do not release it easily, which can lead to higher air temperatures in your home and higher energy costs.

    Will Metal Roofing Heat Up Your Home | City2Surf Roofing Sydney

    In Warmer Climates, Metal Roofing Can Provide Serious Energy Savings

    Not only will metal roofing not heat up your home, but it’s actually a very energy efficient roofing solution. The fact is most solar energy is reflected and does not enter your home at all. Metal Roofing is therefore one of the most efficient types of roofing. Metal Roofing is perfect for air-conditioned homes in warm climates – like Sydney.

    How significant is the energy savings? According to Fixr, a home with metal roofing in a warm climate can save up to 40% on its monthly energy bills, compared to an asphalt roof. When combined with proper insulation, a “cool roof” made of reflective metal materials will provide you with big savings.

    And before you start thinking that a tile roof or slate roofing is better for cold temperatures, that’s not necessarily true, either. With proper insulation, metal roofs are just as effective at keeping warm air inside your home and keeping cold air out – they can help you save energy and money all-year-round.

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