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    Colorbond Roofing Sydney

    Colorbond Roofing Sydney is manufactured by BlueScope Steel specifically for Australian weather conditions delivering long-lasting performance. A top-selling roofing material, in Australia, Colorbond Roofing in Australia for over 50 years. Sheets of Colorbond are pre-painted and treated to resist the Australian climate. This is so their high quality design and manufacturing process ensures that they will last for decades to come.

    Colorbond colour is literally bonded to the metal with an advanced chemical process. Therefore this process ensures the roofing material resists chipping, cracking, and peeling. So through installing Colorbond, there is less risk of wear and tear. Also this material is termite-resistant, weather-tight, and does not tend to crack under heavy impacts from debris. It's because of this, Colorbond is the best metal roofing solution on the market. If you’re interested in a new roofing installation, roof replacement or adding on, we recommend Colorbond Metal Roofing. You also might be asking why? Because, to put it simply, it won't let you down.


    City2Surf roofing is a quality focussed colorbond roofing sydney installation contractor. This is because we have installed Colorbond roofs in Sydney, and the surrounding areas for several decades. We have the tools, experience, and qualified contractors to make your project a success and stress free! Do you need more information? Keep reading, to find out more below!

    Benefits of Colorbond Roofing

    So what are the benefits of using Colorbond metal roofing? There are a number of reasons to use Colorbond roofing and wall cladding. Read on to discover why we recommend  using Colorbond over Corrugated Iron.

    • Tested for Australian conditions, and the weather in Australia is no joke! Australian Buildings face challenging conditions such as high winds, extreme heat and cold, dust, hail, rain, and more. Because Colorbond roofing is tested in a variety of Australian environments, it ensures the designer colour sheets longevity.
    • Fire protection. So we know metal roofs are extremely fire-resistant, and Colorbond roofing is no different. Therefore Colorbond won't catch fire or melt in extreme fire conditions. Moreover it can provide a layer of protection for your home. Additionally, metal roofs are more resistant to radiant heat, making them ideal for any area prone to bush fires.
    • Low maintenance required. Many other types of roofing require regular maintenance in order to ensure  they are in good condition. If considering another roof material, ask what maintenance is required, to comply with your long term warranty. Any regular maintenance should therefore be budgeted with installation, for a long term cost. But regular costly maintenance is not the case with Colorbond metal roofing. 


    • Durable and withstands extreme weather conditions. Metal roofs are the most durable and reliable roofing materials, particularly in extreme weather conditions. Additionally, it resists damage from extreme weather, like hail and high winds, and in extreme scenarios. Installed to withstand impact of heavy objects like trees and other flying debris, protecting your home and your family.
    • Energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly. Colorbond roofing is extremely lightweight and energy-efficient. The Colorbond colour chart aids in choosing a light, energy-efficient colour. However we know lighter colours help reflect the sun’s rays and mitigate some of the scorching Australian summer heat. With proper insulation, Colorbond roofing  is extremely thermally efficient, reducing heating bills in the winter, and cooling during summer. As it's completely recyclable Colorbond Roofing is also better for our planet. Because of its long lifespan and resilience, it’s an environmentally-friendly alternative to other roofing materials.
    Colorbond Roofing Sydney by City2Surf Roofing Northern Beaches
    Colorbond Roofing Sydney by City2Surf Roofing
    • Long lifespan with a comprehensive warranty. Colorbond roofing is guaranteed by BlueScope steel for 25 years. Moreover it comes with a comprehensive warranty ensuring your roof is free of factory errors and other damage. Most Colorbond roofs easily last for three or more decades.
    See Some Of Our Recent Projects

    When it comes to Colorbond roofing Sydney, we offer the best range of colorbond sheeting

    Colorbond roofing profile is available in a huge variety of profiles. With over 22 designer colour range, and different options for sheet width, rib overlap, and more.

    At City2Surf Roofing, we have a large inventory of Colorbond roof materials on hand. Also our close relationship with BlueScope Steel ensures that we can always custom-order sheeting just for your project. So rest ensured, with us, you always get the products that meet your precise specifications.

    To learn more, and to see some examples of our past work, take a look at our gallery of past projects. You’re sure to see a few Colorbond roofs that inspire you!

    Premium Colorbond Metal Roofing Installation

    Convinced that Colorbond roofing is right for you? That means it’s time to find an installer for your roof – and City2Surf is the best in the business. Wondering about the benefits of partnering with our team? You’re in the right place. Read on for more reasons to use City2surf Roofing, or contact us to talk through your project.


    • Experienced, professional roofing contractors. Our team of roofers have decades of combined experience. We’ve seen and done it all – from small, single-family homes, to large commercial buildings and apartment complexes. City2surf Roofing Sydney have the expertise to make sure that your project goes off without a hitch.
    • Free quotes and estimates.  Offering free quotes and estimates for all of our jobs – from a total roof replacement, roof installation, to roof repairs. Give us a call, and we’ll be at your property to give you a quote! Don’t worry. There’s no commitment. If you don’t like our price, or otherwise decide not to choose us, there’s no obligation to do so.


    • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We are not satisfied unless you’re satisfied. Our pledge is to do our very best to keep you happy during the entire project. If there’s something that you are unhappy about, we pledge to make it right – guaranteed.
    Colorbond Roofing Installation by City2Surf Roofing Northern Beaches
    • Fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Unlike some other cut-rate roofing companies in Australia, we’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured. So what does that mean? If something goes wrong,  your property is damaged, or a contractor is hurt on site, you’re not liable for damages. This eliminates the risk on your part, and ensures that you can rest easy. You will know that we’re doing our job safely and professionally.

    City2Surf Roofing offer a range of professional roof solutions for homes in the greater Sydney area. We Are happy to provide you with a Free consultation on products available and what will best suit your home.

    Colorbond roofing is beautiful, requires little-to-no maintenance and lasts for decades. It is tested to withstand even the most harsh weather conditions in Australia. So don’t wait ! Whether you’re looking for a new building material for a home, or you’re interested in replacing your current roof. When it comes to Colorbond metal roofing supplies, City2Surf Roofing is here to help.Contact us 1300 296 842 for a free estimate, and to get started today.

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