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    Choosing the right kind of roofing material for your home is a very important decision. Not only that it represents a big investment but it can also affect your home’s curb appeal, maintenance, insulation, and appearance. Concrete tiles were used for almost a century here in Australia and they certainly have their advantages, but newer solutions like steel roofs are gaining more and more popularity throughout the country.

    Let’s go through the basics of Colorbond roofing and answer a pressing question: will it be cheaper than concrete or terracotta tiles?

    What Is Colorbond Roofing?

    Colorbond roofs are a new generation of metal roofing that has the property of maintaining its colour over the years, even in high corrosion environments like Australia. Developed over 50 years ago by the company BlueScope Steel, it is designed to not only preserve its colour, but have better-insulating properties due to a finishing coat of ceramic particles that are bonded to the tiles. This top layer reflects the sunbeams and insulates the home during extreme weather conditions.

    Colorbond is a type of steel roofing, which already has a lot of advantages over concrete roof tiles or terracotta tile roofs. We will go through them in detail below.

    Will You Save Money By Opting Colorbond Roofing | City2Surf Roofing Sydney

    What to Keep in Mind When Choosing the Colour of the Roof

    If you think that the colour of your roof is not important, you should know the difference dark-coloured roofs make during a usual day in the Australian summer. The roof surface is so big, covering the entire building, that its role in the home’s insulation and appearance is crucial.

    Aesthetically, a darker roof is more appealing, but it will definitely attract more heat. In Australia, this could increase the temperature indoors to a very uncomfortable level, so proper insulation under the roof is mandatory. Light coloured roof will reflect the sunlight. Moreover, Colorbond roofing already has weather-resistant properties, which means fewer problems and costs during the summer.

    Is Colorbond Roofing Cheaper Than Tiles?

    When it comes to the costs of replacing your roof, you must think in the long run. Your roof will be there for decades, and you must take into consideration costs like regular maintenance, common repairs, and energy bills. Colorbond will be cheaper than tiles if you make an informed decision and choose a fit colour and type of roof.

    Costs depend on many factors, including the basic structure of the house. For example, flat roofs are harder to maintain and will not insulate as well as a structure with a high roof pitch. Once you know the structure of your home, it’s time to decide on roofing products. There are many things to consider when thinking about Colorbond vs. tile, but the steel roofing seems to have more pros in the Australian environment.

    If you are planning re-tiling an existing roof, Colorbond is a great solution because of its versatility. It will be able to cover any architectural structure according to any building code, even curved and round ones, something regular tiles can’t do. Replacing tiles or ridge capping is easily done with Colorbond, as the pieces don’t interlock as regular tiles do.

    Your roofing contractor will lay down the long-term costs of installing, repairing and maintaining your roof, and they will explain other indirect costs as well. For example, tile roofs are much heavier than steel, and they need a stronger structure to hold them up. Also, the energy bills that you will pay over the years will make the difference in terms of the best financial decision.

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