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    While Colorbond roofing is more colourfast than the majority of other roofing materials available, it too is susceptible to fading. Australia is home to some of the harshest weather conditions available from scorching hot summers, to extremely wet and rainy mid-seasons. Unfortunately, these weather conditions can take a toll on the appearance of your roof, no matter how durable it is. The severity of the fading on your Colorbond roof depends on how well it is maintained and cared for. Luckily, there are a range of measures you are able to take to protect and restore the vibrancy of your Colorbond roof.

    Regular Inspections

    Yearly inspections of your roof can help to identify potential problems such as small leaks or a build up of debris and leaves. Identifying these issues early on is extremely beneficial in maintaining the colour and durability of your roof. While you may be able to conduct a roof inspection yourself, it is best to hire roofing specialists such as City2Surf to assist you. Our team has decades of experience behind them and is able to detect any potential issues before they occur, saving you time and money in the future!

    Repainting Your Roof

    Exposure to harsh UV light can accelerate the fading of your Colorbond roof. While you can’t alter how much UV light your roof has exposure to, you can reduce the amount of fading by selecting a lighter colour for your steel roofing. Lighter colours are less susceptible to UV light and will in turn decrease the fading of your Colorbond steel.

    Having your roof repainted is a great way to boost the vibrancy if you notice the colour starting to fade and can also protect your Colorbond from rust.

    Select The Right Colorbond Roofing Colour

    As mentioned above, lighter hues are less susceptible to UV light making them the smarter choice for longevity of colour and durability. Lighter hues of Colorbond roofing fade the least and remain closest to their original colour. Lighter coloured roofing can also aid in the temperature moderation of your home.

    Consider whether your roof will be exposed to high UV light and select your hue accordingly.

    Colorbond Colour Chart | Does Colorbond Roofing Fade Blog by City2Surf Roofing

    Clean Your Gutters

    Keeping your gutters clean ensures that there is no build up of leaves and debris clogging up your gutter. A clogged cutter that is unable to efficiently drain water will start to pool and collect water. This stagnant water encourages the process of rust and discolouration, not to mention can lead to the growth of mould and moss.

    Ensure your gutters are cleaned at least twice a year to protect the vibrancy and reduce your steel colour from fading.

    Hose Clean Your Roof

    During periods of rain, your roof gets a light wash which can be beneficial to remove the buildup of abrasive elements which can cause your roof to rust and fade. If you live in an area with little rainfall, be sure to hose down your roof every 6 months to ensure you are removing this buildup.

    It is important to note that even if you live in areas of high rainfall, certain parts of your roof may still be out of reach of the rain. May attention to areas under the gutters and eaves, and on the wall cladding. Consider hosing down these areas as well to best protect the colour and durability of your Colorbond roof.

    Despite being susceptible to fading, Colorbond roofing is extremely long wearing and durable. Colorbond metal roofs typically last for 60+ years and are resistant to cracking, peeling or disintegration. This low maintenance metal is built to withstand harsher climates lowering the need for roof restoration in the future. Colorbond roofing is suitable for a wide variety of house types and is available in a large selection of colours to suit your individual style and need.

    Sydney Colorbond Roofing Specialists

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