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    Metal Roofing Sydney – How Long Will It Last ?

    If you’re thinking about using metal roofing like Colorbond to restore your roof in Sydney, you may be wondering how long it lasts. Should you choose metal shingles instead of asphalt materials? What kind of life expectancy can you get when you have a metal roof installed? Are there any drawbacks?

    In this guide from City2Surf Roofing, we’ll discuss everything you need to know before installing a metal roof. Read on, and get all of the details.

    Metal Roofing Is Durable And Long-Lasting With A 30+ Year Lifespan

    A high-quality galvanized steel roof can easily last 30 years, and lifespans of 40-70 years or longer are not uncommon with proper care. Compared to composite roofing, which sometimes has a lifespan as short as 10-20 years, a steel roof has a much longer overall lifespan. If you choose this type of roof, chances are that you’ll never have to worry about having your roof replaced again.

    There are some other benefits of using metal roofing in Sydney compared to composite roofing, too. You can choose your preferred paint finish, so there are a lot of styles and colours available to choose from when you install a metal roof.

    Energy efficiency is also great with a metal roof, particularly in a hot climate like Sydney. The metal of the roof is able to reflect much of the sun’s rays, reducing the stress on your air conditioning system and lowering your monthly energy bills.

    Do Metal Roofs Have Any Drawbacks? Understanding The Disadvantages

    We should talk about both the pros and cons of metal roofs. Yes, they do have some unique benefits, but there are drawbacks as well, and you should be fully informed before investing in a new roof.

    One that is concerning for homeowners is roof cost. Metal roofs can be more expensive compared to an composite roof. In the long term, this investment is worth it, because metal roofs are much more durable and long-lasting. Still, it’s a high up-front cost that some home owners may not be able to afford.

    Metal roofs can also be a bit more “noisy” compared to tile roofing when they’re struck by heavy rain or hail. Asphalt absorbs sound more readily, so it’s more quiet. However, roofers can install insulation and barriers that help with sound absorption.

    Metal Roofing Sydney | City2surf Roofing

    Metal Roofing Replacement Installed by City2surf Roofing

    Proper Installation Is Essential For A Long Lifespan

    Metal roof installation is a specialised discipline. A Metal Roof must be properly installed on the roofing substrate, to allow for some expansion and contraction. If this is not kept in mind, the repeated expansion and contraction of the metal due to heat can result in the loosening of roof panels.

    In addition, the proper pitch of the roof slope is essential. Your roof must not have “pockets” or sunken areas where water can accumulate. This can eventually cause corrosion, even on galvanized and corrosion-treated steel roofs.

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