How Much Does Roof Restoration Cost in Sydney?

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The roof is one of the most important structural parts of a building. It protects the structure from the elements and adds curb appeal and character to it. If your roof is damaged or old, the cost to restore it can seem prohibitive. But home improvement is a necessary expense, and a failure to repair a roof or replace missing tiles can severely damage your home. And keeping a tired looking roof on your building doesn’t inspire confidence in a buyer. While a new roof installation is a substantial expense, restoring a roof is a more economical option. If your roof is still structurally sound, but just needs a bit of a facelift, a roof restoration job may be the solution to your needs.

Sometimes, it’s hard to find a roof replacement guide that can tell you the cost of a roof restoration based on the type of materials you need. At City2Surf Roofing, we pride ourselves on helping to make life a little easier for our valued customers. Below, we break down the different roofing materials you can get from us in Sydney and their cost per square metre.

What’s involved in roof restoration and what are the associated costs?

The final costs for a roof restoration project in Sydney will depend on three things:

  • The scope of the project
  • If the roof is tile or metal
  • The condition of the roof
  • The size of the house

If you have a tile roof, a roof restoration will include replacing missing tiles and realigning existing ones. Metal roof restoration often includes sealing and repainting the metal sheet or the colorbond metal. Sometimes, the metal sheet or colorbond may be beyond redemption and will need replacing.

At City2Surf Roofing, we’re skilled with metal and tile roof restorations, and we’ll gladly do any job, big or small. The first thing that will need to happen with a quality roof restoration job is the roof will need inspecting. The inspection will tell the contractor the scope of the job and should give you a comprehensive breakdown of your specific roof restoration project. The roof will then need to be pressure cleaned to clear off any algae or mould. Spot repairs may be in order, and again, metal or tile will determine the costs. Below are ballpark estimates for all steps of a roof restoration project in Sydney.

  • $250 to $500 for the pressure cleaning. The overall condition of the roof will determine the costs here.
  • $200 to $500 for a spot repair. The size of the problem determines the charges here.
  • $48 to $58 per square metre for a metal roof restoration
  • $55 to $65 per square metre for a tile roof restoration
  • $2500 for a full roof restoration job for an average-sized house
  • $4500 to $11000 for a large, tile roof restoration job.

What happens with a metal roof restoration?

Metal roof restoration jobs often involve patching spot leaks. Sometimes, an entire sheet of metal will need replacing. Leaks with metal roofs tend to occur at the seams and where the metal roofing material joins flashing or gutters. Patching is used to cover holes and is typically made from the same metal or colorbond material of the original roof. Screws then tighten the patch and seal the roof from further leaks.

What happens during a tile roof restoration?

A damaged or old tile roof that’s left unattended can cause severe damage to the building and run you costly repairs in the future. If you have a tile roof in need of restoration, it’s imperative for your pocketbook and your home’s value that you don’t put off a tile roof restoration. Roof tiles, while they do last a long time and are energy efficient materials, are prone to cracking and damaging from inclement, intense weather and tree branches. Furthermore, the acid in bird droppings will eat away at the tiles. For tile roof restoration, a skilled contractor will rebed and repoint ridge tiles, and replace broken or cracked tiles. After the tiles are restored, anti-fungus and sealer are applied to the roof.

At City2Surf Roofing Sydney, our roof restoration specialists are highly skilled at all things roofing. We can repair, replace, restore, and install a new, beautiful roof to complement and protect your home. We make sure that we stay up-to-date on the latest Sydney-based safety standards and legal compliance requirements. We know how crucial it is for your home’s structural integrity and your peace of mind that your roof is in good working order.

When you call us, we’ll come out to your property at a time convenient to you and inspect your roof. All of our prices are competitive, and we only quote based on your specific job and the materials you need. The quote is no-obligation and free to you. You’ll be blown away by our prices, and we guarantee your satisfaction with your affordable, appealing roof restoration services Sydney wide. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation quote.