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    While it’s true that the roof is one of the essential parts of a home, replacing it is also one of the most expensive home improvement projects you can undertake. Waiting to replace a worn out roof can cause severe structural damage to the interior of a home. Plus, it looks unappealing. When you replace a roof, it can significantly increase your home’s value and inspire confidence in a prospective buyer. But what if replacing a roof isn’t in your budget? How can you protect your home, sleep well at night, and not worry about money?

    A roof restoration is what you need. Restoring a tile or metal roof is more affordable than an entire roof replacement job. Plus, restoring a roof can happen quickly, and you’ll get the benefits of knowing your roof can still do its job at protecting your home while adding to its value. If you’re worried about what all is involved with a roof restoration project, don’t be. Here at City2Surf Roofing, we’ll break it down for you.

    What’s the first step?

    First, the roof needs to be inspected. During a roof inspection, the contractor will take into account the following metrics and aspects of the future restoration job:

    • The overall condition and structural integrity of the roof and building.
    • How many leaks there are, if any.
    • If there is any rust or corrosion if the roof is metal.
    • How many cracked, missing, or broken tiles need to be replaced.
    • What condition the flashing, gutters, and ridge are in.

    While it’s true that the DIY movement has taken off in recent years, doing a roof restoration yourself is dangerous. An experienced contractor will be able to adequately inspect your roof safely and get you a detailed quote for your project. Depending on if you have a metal or tile roof will determine the next steps involved.

    Next, the roof will need to be pressure cleaned regardless of the materials. Mould and algae will need to be cleaned off so the contractor can see if there is further damage that was hiding underneath any discolouration.

    Metal Roof Restoration

    Metal roof repair typically requires patching spot leaks or replacing entire sheets of metal. While metal roofing is incredibly durable, it is still subject to the effects of corrosion. Algae, jet fuel, and other toxins can corrode and rust the panels. Also, leaks tend to happen where the roofing joins at the flashing or the gutters. An experienced contractor will thoroughly inspect these problem areas for leaks and holes.

    Their first order of business is to seal any leaks with a thick sealant or acrylic mastic. The metal roofing manufacturer may recommend a particular sealant for your roof. This should stop any leaks and will prolong your roof’s lifespan. The contractor will match the sealant to original metal.

    The final step with a metal roof restoration involves coating the entire roof to protect from further damage and corrosive environmental toxins. Usually, we recommend a water-based coating product for our customers. Water-based coatings are incredibly effective at protecting your metal roof from the elements, and they’re affordable.

    What is involved with a tile roof restoration?

    Tile roofs require the contractor to repoint, rebed, and replace any missing, cracked, or broken tiles. We will do our absolute best to match your new tiles to the existing roof. Tiles are also realigned and made to look uniform with the ridges, gutters, and flashing so your roof looks consistent and original. Finally, an anti-fungicide and a sealer are applied to the tiles to protect them from mould, algae, and corrosive elements.

    A roof restoration job is affordable and fast. At City2Surf Roofing Sydney, we pride ourselves on always giving our customers the most high-quality and cost-effective roof restoration. While a damaged roof is unsafe to ignore, for a lot of people, it’s simply out of reach to replace an entire roof. When you call us, we’ll come out and give you a free, no-obligation quote for your roof project. Our prices are highly competitive, and we guarantee we’ll get you the results you want for the price you can afford. Contact us today for your free quote for a tile or metal roof restoration job in Sydney.