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    If you own a heritage property or a home with a “heritage roof,” you may be wondering what this means – and what you can expect if you hire a roofing company for roof restoration work.

    Will they remove all the roof tiles and completely replace the roof? If not, will the roof still look the same? How does the process work? In this blog, City2Surf Roofing will answer all of these questions and more.

    What Is A Heritage Roof? Understanding The Basics

    A “heritage roof” is any roof that’s been built using traditional methods. These roofs are usually made out of slate roof tiles or clay tiles, since these tiles can often last 100 years or longer.

    Heritage roofs are usually found on heritage listed buildings – which can be government buildings, commercial properties, or even individual residential homes. However, even a building that’s not officially registered can have a heritage roof.

    In most cases, these roofs are quite old and have been built with a lot of attention to detail, and they use less common, high-quality materials, such as natural slate, copper roof flashing and lead roof flashing.

    What Is Heritage Roof Restoration | City2Surf RoofingWhat’s Involved In Roof Restoration For Heritage Properties?

    When restoring a roof for a heritage property, a roofer won’t just remove the roof completely and replace it. Instead, a more comprehensive plan must be made to restore the roof.

    • Assess the condition of the roof – Your heritage roof repair company will begin by performing a comprehensive assessment of your roof, including flashing, tiles, and other structures and roof elements, and will provide you with an overall assessment of its condition.
    • Decide if repairs or full restoration are necessary – If more than 20% of tiles in an area are damaged, the whole section must typically be replaced, as it may be impossible to remove and replace the damaged tiles without damaging the tiles around them, too. In extreme circumstances, the entire roof must be removed and replaced, but this is rare.
    • Determine which tiles can be reused – Slate tiles, in particular, hold a high standard for durability. Even if an entire roof needs to be replaced, it’s usually possible to reuse the majority of the slates to maintain its appearance and save money on the project.
    • Source replacement tiles – Similar replacement slate tiles may need to be sourced in order to create a seamless, uniform appearance. For heritage roofs, reclaimed slate is often the best choice, as it will maintain the unique, weathered appearance of the original slate.
    • Repair & restore roof structure, flashing & underlayment – Once the plan is complete and all supplies are secured, work will begin on restoring the roof. Depending on the extent of damage, the metal roof flashing, tiles, underlayment, and other supporting structures may need to be repaired.

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