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    Terracotta Roofing Installation & Repair

    The quality, integrity, and color of terracotta roof tiles hold up well over time. Also successfully installing a terracotta roof takes precision and forethought. Plus, the material is naturally fire and frost resistant, making it an ideal building material. Obviously being preferred by many for brush fire-prone areas and places that experience harsh, cold weather. City2Surf roofers are highly experienced with a wide range of roofing materials, including concrete and terracotta roof tiles. Subsequently below, we’ll outline advantages of terracotta roofing, and how City2Surf Roofing meets your installation and roofing repair needs.

    Why would you want a terracotta roof?

    Terracotta means ‘baked earth’ in Italian, hence these tiles are ideal for the Australian climate. With terracotta roofs in Marseilles-style, where the individual tiles interlock, they became popular in Australia around WWI. Since then, the terracotta roof style became a mainstay of Australian architectural design.

    TOP 5 Reasons to install terracotta roof tiles

    • Natural & Sustainable Roofing Material
    • Terracotta roof tiles are durable
    • Aesthetically pleasing
    • Come in a wide range of colors and profiles
    • Protect against natural, extreme temperature fluctuations

    Roofing in Sydney makes sense with terracotta roof tiles

    Terracotta Roof Tiles | Commercial Roofing Contractors Sydney | City2Surf Roofing Sydney

    Why do Terracotta Roof tiles make sense in Sydney? Terracotta roof tiles will store daytime temperatures. Meanwhile at night, they’ll release heat they’ve been absorbing throughout the day. Also terracotta roofs are virtually maintenance free, and excellent heat absorbers. Terracotta Roofing is a roofing material that is ideal for Sydney weather. Terracotta Tiles last a lifetime, unlike metal roofing, 70 plus years is not uncommon. Moreover it won’t stress you out with high maintenance costs, therefore you may want to consider installing a terracotta roof.

    City2Surf Roofing’s contractors are experienced with terracotta roofing materials. So we guarantee that a terracotta roof from us will meet your highest expectations. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Contact us today, we are here to help.

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    Our roofing experts guarantee some of the most affordable rates in the Sydney area. Plus we’ll give you high-quality roofing at a competitive price. Furthermore we have over 40 years of combined experience working with terracotta roof installation and repair.

    Ready to experience the joys of a beautiful terracotta roof? We’ll give you a free, no-obligation quote on your roof installation.

    Still trying to decide on what style of terracotta roofing or Sydney style, suits your home?  Check out some of our recent completed projects for ideas.

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      The quality, integrity, and color of terracotta roof tiles hold up well over time. Plus, the material is naturally fire and frost resistant. Thus making it an ideal building material for brush fire-prone areas and places that experience harsh, cold weather.

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