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    Why should I Use Roof Repairs Near Me?

    You are experiencing issues in your home, do you simply type “Roof Repairs Near Me” into google, and hope for the best? Or do you have a relationship with a local roofer? When your roof fails, it can be a large and un-budgeted for sum. In some cases due to a lack of ongoing maintenance, it might even be too far gone, leaving the better option as replacement. Do you service your car? Do you pay insurances? Your home’s roof is continuously working for you, keeping out the rain, the hot sun, pests, and inclement weather. When your roof stops working, the consequences to your bank account can be devastating. But usually, your roof will give off warning signs that it needs a repair. Here at City2Surf Roofing, we’re one of the leading roof repair companies in Sydney. We offer roof repairs, and we are based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

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    Cracked pointing is more common than you think, yet easily repaired

    How long should a tile roof last?

    Your tile roof lifespan depends on several factors. But most terracotta and concrete tile roofs will last between 30 and 50 years. However, signs of wear and tear can start about 15 years after the initial installation. Several factors contribute to the roof’s lifespan, such as the climate, the quality of the underlayment, and any environmental hazards that contribute to decay. If you find birds nesting on your tile roof, you need to deter them as quickly as possible. The acid in bird droppings will harm terracotta tiles. Also, trees and other debris need to be kept off the roof. If a tree or leaves block the flow of rainwater off the roof, a water dam can form, and rain can seep in under the tiles, and damage the underlying structure. Below are several factors to consider when looking to replace or repair a tile roof.

    • Dried out, brittle, or curling underlayment.
    • Water staining around the eaves.
    • Water stains under the roof that you can see either in the attic or on the ceiling. Cracked or bubbling paint is also a sign of a roof leak.

    But you are still asking why should I use roof repairs near me?

    Rarely does an entire tile roof need to be replaced. Usually, cracked, missing tiles or issues with the underlayment can be fixed without throwing away all of the tiles and starting from scratch. The experienced tile roofing specialists at City2Surf will look at all aspects of your tile roof. We are based and live locally on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. We will consider the colour, manufacturer, and the shape or profile of your tiles when looking for a replacement. Sometimes this isn’t possible, however. If we can’t match the tiles and they are in a visible area, you’ll have to consider if you can live with a slight mismatch or want to replace all of the tiles for a more uniform look. With regular work on the Northern Beaches, we do have a regular stock pile of reclaimed tiles. These tiles are selvaged from re-roofing projects, saving on land waste. This also comes in handy when working on similar aged homes in your area. But most importantly, being local, driving passed your home regularly, we want to feel proud of our work.

    Why Choose City2surf Roofing Sydney?

    When you call us, we’ll come out and thoroughly inspect your tile roof. We’ll see which tiles need to be replaced, and match them where possible. We work with a variety of materials and terracotta and concrete tiles. After we inspect the roof, we’ll give you a free, no-obligation quote. If you decide you want an all-matching roof, we can go over the different roofing materials we have on hand. We work with metal roofs, colorbond roofing, hardwood shingles, tiles, and slate. No job is too big or too small for us. If your tile roof is showing signs of wear and tear, don’t hesitate to contact us for your free, no-obligation quote. Our expert Sydney roofing contractors will get the job done right, giving you complete peace of mind. Give us a call today on 1300 296 842. Want to read more about our localised services? Click here for more !