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    A metal roof brings a lot of great advantages compared to other roof types. Not only that it’s energy-efficient and affordable, but it’s also durable, lightweight, and comes in a big variety of styles and colors. Your metal roof should last for many decades if it’s made of quality roofing materials and it was installed properly.

    But, to prolong the lifespan and performance of your metal roof, it will need regular maintenance. Let’s go through the checklist of maintaining your metal roof.

    Safety First!

    Before you venture on the rooftop, be sure you are already familiar with the safety rules and check if your roof is designed for traffic (it will be mentioned in your house plans). Wear soft rubber-soled shoes and only do this when the roof is dry. Be cautious especially with standing seam metal roofing, as it’s harder to grasp onto.

    Simple Ways to Maintain Your Metal Roof | City2Surf Roofing Sydney

    1. Regularly Clean the Gutters

    Cleaning the gutters regularly ensures that water drains properly off the roof and doesn’t pool, leading to corrosion. Besides removing the leaves and debris that accumulates in the gutters, you might also need to unclog some of them with a pressure washer, garden hose, or leaf blower.

    2. Trim Tree Branches That Extend Over Your Roof

    Tree branches that hang on top of your roof or touch it can be damaging during storms and strong winds. Trim your trees so that they don’t scratch or dent your metal roof.

    3. Keep Water from Pooling on the Roof

    Avoid having water collecting on the roof by cleaning the debris that accumulates on it.

    4. Avoid Other Metals Touching Your Roof

    It’s very important not to have elements made of other metals touching your roof. For example, if a copper pipe touches your steel roof, it will lead to corrosion in reaction to moisture.

    If you do have other types of metal elements on the roof, try to put a barrier in between them and the roofing sheet, and only use the same metal as the roof panels when doing repairs.

    5. Inspect Your Roof

    Roofing inspections are part of proper metal roofing maintenance. From time to time, and always after a big storm or other hostile weather conditions, check for signs of corrosion, cracks, loose parts, the condition of the air vents. Also, check for roofing leaks during your regular inspections.

    Don’t touch up paint scratches yourself, as you might not choose the right kind of material and technique to work with. With metal roofs, it’s best to leave the roof repairs to a roofing professional.

    Can We Help?

    If you notice any problems with your roof, immediately call a roofing expert, like City2Surf. It’s best to solve any issue as soon as you have noticed it to prevent further damage. Having a pro inspect your roof at least once a year is also smart, even though the roof may look fine, as you never know what hidden issues it might have. Get in touch with our team today on 1300 296 842.