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    When your roof is in bad shape, you know it. Leaks start to make their unwelcome presence known inside the building, and on the outside, the house can look tired and worn. Missing tiles and holes in metal roofing are structurally unsound and look terrible on the outside. But replacing an existing roof can be cost prohibitive. How can you increase your home’s value without breaking the bank, and sleep peacefully at night knowing your roof is doing its job?

    If your roof is still, overall, in excellent condition, but only needs a few patches and tiles, then you need a roof restoration. But of course, it’s not good to wait to have your roof back in good shape. If you’re experiencing leaks, you want that fixed ASAP. So, we’ve put together a quick guide to give you an idea of how long your roof restoration job will take. Rest assured that at City2Surf Roofing Sydney, we’ll do our absolute best to get your roof in tip-top shape efficiently, so your home is protected from the unforgiving elements.

    On average, how long does a roof restoration job take?

    Well, it depends on the type of roof you have and the scope of the project. Metal roofs require a different protocol than terracotta or cement tile roofs. The roof and the building’s overall structural integrity, how big the building is, and the weather conditions will all factor into how long a roof restoration job takes. On average though, it takes about three days to restore a metal or terracotta tile roof in Sydney.

    What is all involved in a roof restoration project for it to take three days to finish?

    With either a tile or a metal roof, the roof must first undergo an inspection. The inspection will tell the contractor how good or bad of a condition the roof is in and the scope of the job. Next, the roof will be pressure cleaned.

    For metal roofs, any leaks must be stopped first. Compromised panels are replaced, loose panels are refastened, and any holes are sealed with a thick sealant or an acrylic mastic. Sometimes, the metal manufacture may recommend a particular reinforcement material for holes and leaks.

    Any rusty surfaces must need prepared for coating next. Rust inhibiting products are applied at this stage of the process. Also, depending on the manufacturer, other preparatory coats may be recommended before your contractor will apply a coating product.

    The final step involves applying the appropriate coating products for your metal roof. Sometimes, cool roof products may be placed as a coating over your metal roof. Coatings will protect the metal from further rust or corrosion. Water-based coating products are highly recommended. They’re effective, long-lasting, and affordable for most homeowners.

    What happens during a tile roof restoration?

    A tile roof restoration involves repointing and rebedding ridge tiles, and replacing broken and cracked terracotta tiles. After the terracotta tiles are replaced, they’re treated with a fungicide and a sealer to protect them from the elements further.

    Getting your roof restored will significantly increase the value of your home. It’s an excellent investment to make whether you plan on living there forever or selling soon. While replacing an existing roof is incredibly expensive and a job that can take weeks, a high-quality roof restoration job is affordable and can take as little as three days.

    Here at City2Surf Roofing, we pride ourselves on giving our customers a high-quality, professional roof restoration in record time. Despite our speed, we don’t sacrifice on quality. When you contact us, we’ll go out and inspect your roof, and give you a free, no-obligation quote so you can see how much it will cost and how long a roof restoration job will take. Our quote will list every single detail, including:

    • Pressure cleaning
    • Preparation costs
    • Paints, sealers, and coatings

    When you’re ready to make the call, contact City2Surf Roofing. We’ll get you a detailed quote and finish your roof restoration job in record time.