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    If you want to restore your roof in Sydney, you may be wondering if you can paint your terracotta roof tiles to improve the appearance of your home. Is painting terracotta a good idea? Find out all you need to know about roof painting and terracotta from City2Surf Roofing below.

    It’s Possible To Paint Terracotta Roof Tiles – But It’s Not A Good Idea

    There are many types of roof materials that you can paint, such as metal roofing and cement tile roofs. But terracotta roof tiles should not be painted, in most cases. Painting terracotta is possible, but it’s not a good idea.

    This is because terracotta roof tiles are “glazed” with a special paint coating after they are made in the factory. This ceramic glaze is applied in a similar manner to paint. Once it’s been applied to the porous terracotta clay, the piece is “fired” and baked at extremely high heat in a specialised kiln.

    In this process, the glaze permanently melts, fuses, and bonds with the clay. After the terracotta tile is removed from the kiln, it hardens, creating a smooth, strong, nonporous surface. This is a necessary step for roof tiles – because if the terracotta clay is left untreated, it will be highly porous and susceptible to damage from moisture and rain, as well as algae, moss, and other microorganisms.

    Depending on the type of terracotta roof tile you have, this glaze can be transparent to preserve the natural, rustic colour of your roof, or a number of artificially-coloured glazes can be used to change the appearance of your tiles.

    However, since the glaze creates a strong, durable, and nonporous surface, it’s not possible for paint to properly adhere to the underlying tile and bond to the terracotta. The paint will bond to the glaze, and it will begin to flake off very quickly, often within less than a year. That’s why it’s not a good idea to paint your terracotta roof tiles.

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    We Offer Terracotta Roof Restoration – With No Painting!

    If painting terracotta roof tiles is not an option, what can you do? How can you revive worn-out roof and improve the curb appeal of your home?

    Tile roof restoration from City2Surf Roofing is the best option. We can restore your roof without painting your tiles! Here’s how it works.

    Moss & lichen removal – We’ll start by removing moss, lichen, algae, and other microorganisms and plants from your roof tiles.

    Power washing – Next, using a high-powered pressure washer, we will wash your roof tiles to blast away years of scum, grime, and dirt, restoring the original appearance of the tiles.

    Rebedding & repointing tiles – We can rebed and repoint ridge cap tiles. We will also inspect your roof to check for any other damaged tiles, and replace them, if necessary.

    Check & replace roof flashing – We will check the valleys and other areas of your roof that have flashing, and ensure it’s in good condition. If not, we can replace the flashing to ensure a leak-free roof.

    Clean gutters – Gutter maintenance is essential for all roofs, including tile roofs. We can clean and restore your gutters to ensure proper drainage.

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