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    Summer Sale is on, Beat The Price Rise – 10% Off Roofing. Well kind of, its like this…We have limited spaces available for re-roofing left in 2023 and City2surf Roofing has been advised of material price increases. These increases are set to take place in Feb 2024. If you need a new roof, don’y delay it or you will pay up to 10% more in 2024.

    Read on to find our suggestions for the best ways to save money and book in for your free roof inspection.

    Do You Want to Beat The Price Rise -10% Off Roofing?

    With Terracotta tiles and their associated fixings all set to go up in Feb 2024, by 10%, we have o choice but to pass it on. When you look at the costs involved in replacing a roof the tile and fixings are a significant part of the total value.

    Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your home, providing structural support and protecting the inside of your home from the elements. Damage or faults in your roof can cause structural damage to the inside of your home, not to mention greatly reduces the curb-side appeal of your home.

    Replacing your roof is one of the most expensive home improvement projects out there, however the benefits of doing so far outweigh the cost. Complete roof replacement is not the only way to fix a damaged or faulty roof.

    How can you tell if your home requires a complete roof replacement or just a repair?

    The answer depends on the type of existing roofing you have, its age and the extent of the damage. In most cases if you can catch the problem early enough, roof repairs are the fastest and most cost-efficient solution.

    The first step: book a roof inspection.

    Here at City2Surf Roofing we provide free quotes when you call us to inquire about repairing or replacing your roof. Our obligation-free quotes are detailed and customised for your specific property. A highly qualified team is here to assist you with your roofing needs and can advise you on the best roofing option available. Highly qualified professionals will assess your building and inspect the following aspects to inform their decision:

    • Overall condition of your roof
    • Assess for any leaks
    • Identify if any rust or corrosion as occurred
    • Identify any cracked, broken or missing tiles that may need to be replaced
    • Assess the condition of your gutters, flashing and ridges

    Colorbond Roofing

    Colorbond roofing may leak, especially if installed incorrectly. Unfortunately, these leaks are often difficult to find. Ensure you select a reputable roofing installer if switching to Colorbond roofing, or if you are in need or a repair. Repairs to Colorbond roofing can be a straightforward process if the damage is identified early on.

    Tile Roofs

    Tile roofs are often suitable for repairs without complete replacement. Cracked, faulty or missing tiles can often easily be replaced without needing to redo the entire roof. An important factor to note in tile roof repairs is the colour match to your existing roof. Terracotta tiles and concrete tiles are often difficult to colour match exactly. In some cases you may need to settle for a close colour match. If this isn’t possible, you may need to consider having slightly mismatched tiles, taking a patch from an elevation not obvious to the street, or completely replacing all times for a seamless look.

    How Can I Remove Mould In My Roof Cavity?

    Serious mould may need to be removed by a specialist. Not only may the mould be ingrained in the roof materials themselves, but mould can be dangerous to your health.

    If you breathe in mould spores, you could feel a shortness of breath along with other irritant reactions. A small number of people are allergic to mould and so contact with mould can cause more serious reactions.

    However, some visible mould in roof cavity spaces can be removed quite easily. Follow these simple steps for effective mould removal.

    How Can I Prevent Mould Growing?

    Instead of waiting for a mould problem, prevent its growth in the first place! Follow these easy steps to prevent mould, roof cavity and ceiling varieties. Or contact us, we specialise in roof repairs!

    1. Ventilation

    Mould on roof cavities can be unsightly. Prevent this from occurring by providing a well-ventilated space. Install roof windows, a whirlybird, for expert ventilation in your home. Poor ventilation is bad for your home and your health!

    Great ventilation and indoor air quality are better methods than using air conditioning. Let the humidity escape naturally instead of using energy with an air conditioner! Good ventilation will prevent condensation from settling in your attic.

    Whirlybird Installation | City2surf Roofing

    2. Stop Leaks

    A leak in your roof is another cause of mould, so investigate your roof regularly. A leaking roof can cause mould as well as other damage.

    Ensure there are no lost or missing tiles, or cracks in the flashings or the pointing where rain can seep through. Moist air and a roof leak may cause issues for your bathroom ceiling. Preventing a leaky roof will provide you with a mould-free home! We can inspect your roof, book in today!

    3. Insulate

    Good insulation helps to regulate the temperature of your home, keeping you warm and preventing humidity from being present. Ensuring that your wall cavities have appropriate insulation is key to preventing damp conditions caused by poor insulation. Great ceiling insulation will warm your home and reduce your energy bill.

    Terracotta or Concrete Tiles | Terracotta Tiles | City2surf Roofing

    Terracotta Tiles – Roofing Installers City2surf Roofing Sydney

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