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    If you want to restore your roof or find a roof replacement, City2Surf Roofing are the best when it comes to colorbond roofing, and tile roofing on the Northern Beaches. Whilst there is a timeless quality to many older roofs, there is nothing that beats modern aesthetics and quality. Choosing a roofing solution can be daunting with all the different materials available. But thats why we excel, we work with our clients, to give them the best results possible. We are growing, our team is growing too, and we need you.

    If you are an experienced roofer or labourer, let's talk. We know there is a volume of companies out there who promise the world, and we wont. But we will give you work every week, we wont micro manage you, but we do expect your best quality work.

    Whatever your roofing experience is, we are happy to work with you, if you have a good attitude.

    We Specialise in the installation and repair of metal roofing and tile roofing, on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.


    There are a few different metal roofing varieties available. Each has its own individual set of strengths and appeals. For our clients, choosing the right metal roofing material is so important. Getting familiar with the different options available is our great advantage. So are you familiar with the different materials available today?

    Metal Roofing

    Metal roofing has become quite popular over the years. Due to their unique and distinctive aesthetic, they truly stand out amongst other roofing materials. They are also quite environmentally friendly, due to the fact that they can be reused in other industries and products.


    Metal roofing is very energy efficient; this is because of its reflective surface. By reflecting the sun, the roof keeps the house cool. These roofs also last quite a while, especially when compared to other roofs. Many metal roofs are lightweight, making them easy to install and uninstall.

    Metal Roofing Corrugated Colorbond by City2Surf Roofing
    Colorbond Roofing Sydney by City2Surf Roofing

    Corrugated Colorbond roofing

    One of the main reasons that colorbond roofing is increasing in popularity is because of its unique look. They have actually become the most popular roofing type in Australia. Durable and environmentally friendly, Colorbond roofing is an excellent choice for any home long term.


    Colorbond roofing shares a lot of the same benefits as metal roofing. Its reflective surface keeps the house cool during those hot Australian summers, making it easier to save money on your power bill. Colorbond also comes in a variety of different colours, making it perfect when you need a specific colour scheme.

    Trimdek Metal roofing

    Trimdek metal roofing is used when the pitch of the roof is lower than normally acceptable by standard colorbond corrugated roofing.  They also have an industrial aesthetic which comes from the style of interlocking sheets. The larger channels within each sheet allow for disbursing water more quickly, not allowing it to pool and cause possible issues.


    One of the major draws to Trimdek  roofing is that it works so well with large down pours. Whilst standard metal roofing will struggle to disburse water during heavy falls. We recommend Trimdek on the Northern Beaches, where you have limited pitch in your roof.

    Terracotta Roofing Sydney by City2Surf Roofing
    Modern Roofing Sydney by City2Surf Roofing

    Copper Roofing

    Copper is quite a unique roofing material that is often used as an accent. Their ability to frame roofs makes them different from almost any other roofing material, as they harbour a very distinct aesthetic. Whilst copper has been used in roofing for hundreds of years, it maintains a very modern and distinguished look. We recommend contacting our sister company NSW Slate Roofing for your copper installation needs.


    Copper roofs are resilient, often lasting long over 40 years when properly maintained. They are also quite lightweight, but retain a rather high level of resistance to fire. They are also extremely corrosion resistant, which also contributes to them maintaining their appearance over time.

    "City2surf are the go to colorbond roofing installers & Tile Installers on the Northern Beaches"

    So if you’re looking for a metal roofing job, prefer to specialise in roof repairs or other roofing services, look no further than City2surf roofing. We are looking for proud and passionate roofers, labourers and drivers. If you are keen to work, want to turn up everyday, and not worry about where your working is coming from...
    Simply get in touch with us online or give us a call on 1300 296 842. We look forward to speaking with you!

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