Slate Roofing Sydney

Natural slate is one of the most unique and historic roofing materials available on the market today. If you are interested in a heritage slate roof, or you need slate roof repairs, our master slate roofers can help.

Our award winning company has years of experience with the maintenance and repairs of slate tiles, and as slate roofing installers, we have no equal in the Sydney area. We always use the highest quality materials and traditional techniques to deliver stellar service for your roofing project in Sydney.

Learn more about slate roofing in Sydney below, and get the details on this durable, natural roofing material.

What Are The Benefits Of Slate Roofing?

Slate is a naturally-occurring stone that’s incredibly dense and durable, and has many unique properties. Here are just some of the benefits of a slate roof.

  • Extremely durable and long-lasting – Most slate roofs can easily last 100 years, and even when they require replacement, around 80% of the slate material can usually be reused. Slate also requires very little maintenance.
  • Energy-efficient and fire-resistant – The density of slate makes it an excellent insulator in both cold and hot climates. When combined with proper insulation techniques, this can reduce both your heating and cooling bills dramatically.And because it’s a natural stone, it’s extremely fire-resistant, increasing the safety of your home or commercial property.
  • Can add value to your property – Because slate roofs are unique, beautiful, and can last more than a century, they may add value to your property. They never go out of style, and can dramatically enhance your curb appeal, when compared to other materials like standard asphalt shingles.

Why Choose City2Surf Roofing Sydney?

We pride ourselves on being easy to deal with, and delivering only the most high quality work. We’re certified by the slaters association as a master roof installer, and our contractors have decades of combined experience working with all kinds of slate.

Unlike some other roofing companies, we offer free quotes and project estimates for all of our projects, and there’s no commitment to use our services.

We also have a network of high quality slate providers. From Canadian Glendyne, to Welsh Penrhyn slate and more, we get you the best materials at reasonable prices.

Finally, our customer satisfaction guarantee ensures that our services live up to your expectations. Not satisfied in any way? We pledge to make it right.

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