Slate Roof Sydney

We are committed to providing a superior roofing service by using top of the market materials that meet best international standard and installed by highly trained and licensed specialists who have experience in all facets of natural slate roofing. We acknowledge that choosing the right roofing company can be tiresome as your home is your most important asset, so we go out of our way to provide exceptional customer service by understanding and accommodating your requirements.
We are experts in the installation, maintenance and restoration of all types of slate roof. Our team of roof repair experts will identify the problem and provide a variety of solutions to see what will be the best option for you. Not only do we repair metal roofs, we also offer hassle-free installation of metal roofs. Our team will assess your current roof and identify the best way to uninstall it and replace it with a brand new, top quality metal roof. All of this of course done in relation to what you most want and to your available budget, without detriment to quality. We provide a reliable metal roofing service and can handle your project from beginning to end.